Portraiting Mario

What a long, strange, WINDY!, difficult winter…I cannot complain but since my grandmother Irene passed away on January, things are getting odd and my Health is getting worse…

I also remember grandfather Fernando so much…And our black cat, our baby, Rona, passed away on last Summer…

People can think “it’s just a cat, come on!”

No…She wasn’t just a cat. She was a very important existence for us and us for her during 10 years…

I can’t take out of my mind my grandmother sitting with Rona at home, taking a cup of coffee and sweets together.

Rona loved my grandmother and my grandmother loved Rona. The two existences are not here anymore.

My Life and Mom’s Life, both are just like a book which has been teared apart, here and there, becoming a sad,

destroyed book non complete.

The memories are only in our minds, but the real ones aren’t here anymore.

So sadness comes easily to us and make things difficult! Specially with a rare disease. Cystic Fibrosis made my life change in a crazy way. Now I see how serious it is, but also I can see I am so fortunate I am still alive, at home, and with a family and friends.

And I can still keep drawing, even if my hand gives me trouble, I can still try it, keep it up and imagine my next chapters of “Armend y Liend” novels!

I will survive! as the song says!

Sorry for being so blue and for being late on the final volume of Armend y Liend series ^_^,,

As for the time being, I try to draw people I admire and/or love ^_-

Here is a little portrait with Japanese patterns, and feeling, to Mario Vaquerizo:


Mario Vaquerizo por Yrene Yuhmi
Mario Vaquerizo por Yrene Yuhmi

The kanji (on your T-shirt) I choose is FUKU, good fortune, that is what I wish you have along with my so admired and beloved Olvido Gara 😀



ALASKA, my favorite artist & singer, Olvido Gara

When I was 10 years old more or less, I remember my first time falling in love with a woman, yes a woman, as a figure I wanted to be, the person I saw like an idol since the first glimpse.
Alaska had a tv kids show called La bola de Cristal, my little brother and I watched it (always!!) my little sister was still a baby.

But before that, Alaska was a hit music during the first steps of Spanish Pop on the 80′

A hit music reaaaally impacting and different, style, voice, songs, lyrics…Everything was a great transgression and change that marked Music until now.

I love her style, her voice, her songs…She is a very special person on my Life, because she taught me something that was inside me, pulling it out with her lyrics: to be free, free from what other thinks about me, being myself and keeping my truth up.

Same as my Mom and best friend taught me ^_-

I am working on a project for Alaska: portraits with a feeling of Japan. It is going to be called SOLO ALASKA.

I update to put some of them, because my hand is not working too ok lately -_-),, At fault: Cystic Fibrosis and an old neck sprain ^^,,, but I am keeping it up!!

Alaska, Olvido Gara
Alaska, Olvido Gara with purple kimono.
Alaska por Yrene Yuhmi
Alaska por Yrene Yuhmi, blue kimono and kokeshi
Retrato por Yrene Yuhmi
Alaska, Olvido Gara, Retrato por Yrene Yuhmi

See you next time! thanks for stopping by!!


Yrene Yuhmi


Hace bastante tiempo que escribí este fanfic para una amiga muy especial ^_^)

Os dejo el doc de word para que lo leáis si os apetece un cuento corto, erótico, no apto para

menore de 18 años!!! (sobretodo atención a este punto) y tampoco apto para homófobos o cualquier

persona que se sienta incómoda con escenas de amor gay.

Al final hay un pequeño plus, en tono de humor en el que veremos como Syaoran está a punto de

quitarle el puesto a Kurogane en lo que concierne a Fay ^^,,,

Espero que os guste m(_ _)m

Kurogane x Fay fic Gisel cumpl

(cliquad y “guardar el link como” lo podéis leer cómodamente en vuestro PC. Si tenéis problemas, dejad un comentario y lo subiré completo en el post ^_-)

Gracias por pasaros por aquí,

Itsumo doumo arigatou!


*Shiro-manjuu 白、しろ、饅頭、まんじゅう: el manjuu es un pastelito redondo y dulce, receta japonesa. En este caso como se refiere a Mokona que es un ser blanco,redondo y gracioso con largas orejas de conejo, le llama shiro, que significa blanco)

y un poco de Fanart kurofaysu-chan