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ALASKA, my favorite artist & singer, Olvido Gara


When I was 10 years old more or less, I remember my first time falling in love with a woman, yes a woman, as a figure I wanted to be, the person I saw like an idol since the first glimpse.
Alaska had a tv kids show called La bola de Cristal, my little brother and I watched it (always!!) my little sister was still a baby.

But before that, Alaska was a hit music during the first steps of Spanish Pop on the 80′

A hit music reaaaally impacting and different, style, voice, songs, lyrics…Everything was a great transgression and change that marked Music until now.

I love her style, her voice, her songs…She is a very special person on my Life, because she taught me something that was inside me, pulling it out with her lyrics: to be free, free from what other thinks about me, being myself and keeping my truth up.

Same as my Mom and best friend taught me ^_-

I am working on a project for Alaska: portraits with a feeling of Japan. It is going to be called SOLO ALASKA.

I update to put some of them, because my hand is not working too ok lately -_-),, At fault: Cystic Fibrosis and an old neck sprain ^^,,, but I am keeping it up!!

Alaska, Olvido Gara

Alaska, Olvido Gara with purple kimono.

Alaska por Yrene Yuhmi

Alaska por Yrene Yuhmi, blue kimono and kokeshi

Retrato por Yrene Yuhmi

Alaska, Olvido Gara, Retrato por Yrene Yuhmi

See you next time! thanks for stopping by!!


Yrene Yuhmi

Nippon and Spain bonds


I have a very important friend in Japan, Nishikawa Hitomi san ^_^)

Her Bday was on 25th of this Month!

I met her (as I met all of my very best friends, in Ameba blogs ^_-)v

I learn a lot from all of my friends, and I feel so loved and cared about thanks to all of them…

Nishikawa san is a woman with a calm and prety smile, and a peaceful essence who mades

everybody feel at easy and very cheerful!!

I can go MaeMuki* thanks to Nishikawa san…arigatou gozaimasu!!!有難うございます、西川さん!!大好きです!

I made a little present for you! I hope you like this portrait I drew today for you, it,s not good thought 0////0)…

My hand is not working too good lately, I guess it is because of my neck old sprain ^^,,,

I hope it will go better from now on!

Much love!!!!!

Hitomi Nishikawa portrait 2015

*MaeMuki 前向き look forward, don’t feel down and keep it up ^_-