Yaoi doujinshis (KANHARU circle) free download links

It is been so long since I don’t draw doujnshi…

And during the lockdown I found some of them unfinished!! So I want to end them and post them little by little.

I began this one, from Tactics (manga/anime) on year 2007!! OMG…

I am truly sorry!!

You will notice the differences ^^,,,)

Here you are the info and the free link:


doujinshi cover



(CHEER UP, don’t be so down)

Not worksafe


(But Not hard yaoi)

#freedownload #yaoi Tactics doujinshi Haruka x Kantaro

I hope you enjoy it!!

Itsumo arigatou!何時もありがとう


Yrene yuhmi

#staysafe #yoaúnmequedoencasa #自粛中 

#ヤオイ #同人誌

Updating information! Important!

It’s been a while!! how are you my friend? I am amazed how good and effective can be a comment, a word of encouragement from my readers…I am touched…

Even thought my Health is not the best, I can’t and don’t want to complain! But, sometimes, I try to imagine how Life could be being healthy, without a disease… How it feels to be OK all time? I don’t know…

I hope and pray God gives us power to find a cure, not only for CF, but also for all the rare diseases that are making suffer and die amazing, wonderful people, like my dear friend Lezly Hodge, who passed away on 2012, being 21 years old.

I am a person who fights til the very end, specially when it comes to achieve dreams and goals. Sometimes I am very down, that’s right, and Mom knows it the best! *sweat drop* sorry MOM!! But I don’t give up easily…I dream to much, and this can be a problem!! because daydreaming can be dangerous: Life is not Pink colored!

I am also a person who loves to go against the crowd. And a person who can’t stand any way of discrimination! that is why I wrote and published Armend y Liend.

This novel is really important for me, not only because of the theme, also because of the time it was wrote and published. I had survived to the worst nightmare on Vall d’Hebrón Hospital, in Barcelona city. I knew I had Cystic Fibrosis, but I felt again the taste of being more alive than dead. I discovered Internet, I could learn Japanese and also read a lot of Yaoi 😉

It was a time to create and to imagine a different World, peace and Love flag’s carrying World.

So then, I opened a blog, the old blog Armend y Liend at blogspot has been erased!! I don’t know why, but it’s a pity…There were writings and drawings and, more important, very precious comments from my readers!

Let’s do that, I will begin here from scratch! ^_-)b

First of all, here you are the folder with all my writings and other stuff, so you can download it and enjoy it anytime! ^3^)


password: tanpopotohimawari

This year, on April 23th, if I am OK, I will publish a doujinshi book compilation, Kyou Kara Maou!, Naruto, Tiger and Bunny, Peace Maker Kurogane, Saint Beast, One Piece and others ^^)b

And of course, I am working on Armend y Liend III and its illustration book…My…I must do my best! and not collapse! LOL

Chibi version of Armend y Liend, dedicated to my readers, specially Lourdes and Jenny!Image

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! hugs and love!