RONA, Not a pet, a true FRIEND

RONA, Not a pet, a true FRIEND

Rona, our black, green eyed cat, is very sick. She had surgery 3 times because of tumors.
But now all turned to the final stage…She has been my Mom companion during almost 10 years. Also my dear little princess, my friend and Japanese lover pal.
She loves when we Mom is doing handmade things, and I am drawing or writing.
She has been with us, during the time I have been working on Armend y Liend novels and other tales.
She is so very intelligent!! ^^ And adorable…

I am pretty sure all people who has or have had an animal as a friend or brother, understand our feelings.

The name of Rona comes from Hebrew and means My joy.

She really has been, and will be our joy forever.

I hope God let us be together a little more time…

Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting.

Much love and HAPPY SUMMER, Happy Winter on the upside down of this Pretty yet cruel Blue World.

Yrene Yuhmi, 2014

Happy Day of the BOOK!

Happy Day of the BOOK!

23th of April! I know I am late ^^,, But I was sick all day -_-
Anyway, here is my new kids tale, Mediapulgada y Isla Margarita, Half Inch on Daisy Island.
Look at Rona chan, she just love cute things and colors! lol
Much love!
Yrene Yuhmi