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Forever Michael Jackson


I always think that he was too special for this World. But thanks to his special soul, brightness, charisma, music, we had great moments, and we opened our eyes to the true values. He wanted to change this World for better. Amazing…isn’t it? Differences make us greatest.

This portrait is for a very sweet, special person, a pretty princess of rock, someone who I met by Destiny, without knowing who was she infact….I was just catched by her bright smile, beauty and lovely speech…charisma again!

In Japan Destiny is called Unmei, and it is a believe that there is no such a thing called haphazard. Whatever happens, happens because it is inevitable. All is wrote this way since the very beginning of everything. Must this world be filled with love and understanding, must stop the discrimination, violence and wars.

And keep dear World, having persons like Michael, to be born and to have the will to change the World…for better.

yrene yuhmi

cystic fibrosis fighter, 2015 August 29th

Portrait by yrene yuhmi

Portrait by yrene yuhmi

Nippon and Spain bonds


I have a very important friend in Japan, Nishikawa Hitomi san ^_^)

Her Bday was on 25th of this Month!

I met her (as I met all of my very best friends, in Ameba blogs ^_-)v

I learn a lot from all of my friends, and I feel so loved and cared about thanks to all of them…

Nishikawa san is a woman with a calm and prety smile, and a peaceful essence who mades

everybody feel at easy and very cheerful!!

I can go MaeMuki* thanks to Nishikawa san…arigatou gozaimasu!!!有難うございます、西川さん!!大好きです!

I made a little present for you! I hope you like this portrait I drew today for you, it,s not good thought 0////0)…

My hand is not working too good lately, I guess it is because of my neck old sprain ^^,,,

I hope it will go better from now on!

Much love!!!!!

Hitomi Nishikawa portrait 2015

*MaeMuki 前向き look forward, don’t feel down and keep it up ^_-