Yaoi doujinshis (KANHARU circle) free download links

Hello everybody! ogenki desuka? How are you doing? ^0^)

It’s been so long right? ^_^),,, I have been in France (in a little village on the South) with my sister and physiotherapist. She has an amazing hands and knowledge!!! I am so thankful for everything she does for me, and for CF community! ^_-

Summer was being like a demon for me…I was about to collapse, and Mom too. So we decided to try a change of air and waters (we use to say in Spain “Un cambio de aires” or “Un cambio de aguas”)

It was really cool, refreshing and calm, peaceful, relieved by the sounds of the Nature.

And so come back Autumn time, and my first cold gave a big punch -_- Almost a month to slow down the symptoms! 0.0)

At least, my stay in France helped me finish the edit-work-part and publication of a Doujinshi’s Anthology I wrote from 2004 to 2014!! Otsukaresama!! (good job! ^^,,,)

My pen name in the Net was Kanharu…aah the memories!! ^_-)

Still with the pain of seeing my Grandmother in bed, after a hard, cruel stroke, and the lost of my dear cat RONA, I could at least put an end to this 10 years of fanart and doujinshis posted on forums and at livejournal (@kanharu)

Here you are the link to buy the whole thing:

(with 40% of discount)


And download links for each one of them ^_- I also use to try first and pay later ^^



Soft and hard.

Not worksafe

Adults only!!

Language: English

Kyou Kara Maou! Yuri x Wolfram, Gwendal x Günter, Gwendal x Yozak.

4 doujinshis within the same story “Boku no atarashii neko wildo desu!” My new cat is wild! that has been very

popular in the Net ( and I had no idea back then! ^^)

Tiger & Buny: Keith x Ivan (Sky High x Origami)

Naruto: Sasuke x Naruto, Kakashi x Iruka

Saint Beast: Yuda x Shin, Gou x Gai

Overdrive: Yousuke x Kouichi

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Kurogane x Fai

CODE GEASS: Lelouch x Suzaku

and others ^_-