Nippon and Spain bonds

I have a very important friend in Japan, Nishikawa Hitomi san ^_^)

Her Bday was on 25th of this Month!

I met her (as I met all of my very best friends, in Ameba blogs ^_-)v

I learn a lot from all of my friends, and I feel so loved and cared about thanks to all of them…

Nishikawa san is a woman with a calm and prety smile, and a peaceful essence who mades

everybody feel at easy and very cheerful!!

I can go MaeMuki* thanks to Nishikawa san…arigatou gozaimasu!!!有難うございます、西川さん!!大好きです!

I made a little present for you! I hope you like this portrait I drew today for you, it,s not good thought 0////0)…

My hand is not working too good lately, I guess it is because of my neck old sprain ^^,,,

I hope it will go better from now on!

Much love!!!!!

Hitomi Nishikawa portrait 2015

*MaeMuki 前向き look forward, don’t feel down and keep it up ^_-