Never give up HOPE + Hinako Tananaga Little Butterfly fanart

Takanaga Hinako fanart
by Yrene Yuhmi kanharu circle
Takanaga Hinako fanart, just pencil
Old fanart : Takanaga Hinako sensei
“Little Butterfly”

Only The Lord knows when you will be free.
Sometimes it seems like no one can’t save you, but don’t forget God is always watching over you.
He is protecting you and giving you strength when you run out of it. Without the strength He gives me I won’t be able to be here now.

Sólo el Señor sabe cuándo serás libre. A veces puede parecer que nadie puede salvarte, pero no olvides que Dios siempre está mirando por ti, te protege, te cuida y te da fuerzas cuando las pierdes. Sin esas fuerzas, no podría haber llegado hasta aquí.

Yrene Yuhmi 2020 Mayo Diario de un confinamiento

Forever Michael Jackson

I always think that he was too special for this World. But thanks to his special soul, brightness, charisma, music, we had great moments, and we opened our eyes to the true values. He wanted to change this World for better. Amazing…isn’t it? Differences make us greatest.

This portrait is for a very sweet, special person, a pretty princess of rock, someone who I met by Destiny, without knowing who was she infact….I was just catched by her bright smile, beauty and lovely speech…charisma again!

In Japan Destiny is called Unmei, and it is a believe that there is no such a thing called haphazard. Whatever happens, happens because it is inevitable. All is wrote this way since the very beginning of everything. Must this world be filled with love and understanding, must stop the discrimination, violence and wars.

And keep dear World, having persons like Michael, to be born and to have the will to change the World…for better.

yrene yuhmi

cystic fibrosis fighter, 2015 August 29th

Portrait by yrene yuhmi
Portrait by yrene yuhmi